Marlee the Dachshund's doggone good caramel coffee
marlee in a dress on a couch posing with her coffee
bag of coffee next to a lake
doggone good caramel coffee from tbd coffee co
marlee in a v neck hoodie with her matching coffee

Doggone Good Caramel Coffee

  • If you don't love this coffee, we'll send you $20. That's more than your money back!
  • Vegan, keto, gluten free, plus no added sugar, additives or preservatives

This is Marlee. She's a 15 year old dachshund and also our Director of Consumer Affairs. She enjoys Adult Swim cartoons, brushing her hair, podcasts, being compared to Timothée Chalamet, board games, emo music and mid century modern decor.

She's also an aspiring musician who goes by the stage name Turkey Mac and has an unreleased tap dance routine called Honey Jam.


ROAST: Medium, specialty-grade and roasted fresh for each order. 

TASTING PROFILE: Subtle, fresh, luscious caramel. We use a vegan flavoring oil, so there's no added junk or sugar. We also don't let Marlee touch the beans, so no fur either.
Pairs nicely with her matching t-shirt and sticker
Read more about Marlee on our About Us page and check out her Emo...tional Support Dark Roast Coffee,

Our coffee is specialty grade and roasted fresh after you place your order.

Unlike grocery store and Amazon coffee, which has been sitting on shelves for an average of 4 months since the roast date.

We buy our coffee beans directly from farmers all around the world, instead of through a mass importer service.

This means the farmers get a better deal, you get a higher quality bean and we can make sure all of our coffee is sustainably and ethically grown.

Includes free shipping.

Cancel anytime, risk-free!

Choose the 'subscribe and save' option below for a 10% discount. Our coffee will be automatically delivered on your schedule. 

No minimum obligation. Switch to a different roast or cancel your subscription anytime through the self-service customer portal.  

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  • SHIPPING NOTE Because we roast our coffee to order, it will arrive in about 10 days after you place your order, just in time for specialty grade coffee to reach its peak flavor (10-14 days after roasting)

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