our commitment to ethically sourced coffee

We have strict standards

At TBD, we pledge to uphold 4 pillars when it comes to sourcing our coffee.

1.) We make sure that the coffee farmers we source our beans from always get a fair price for their product.

2.) We only source our beans from farms with fair and ethical labor standards. We avoid sourcing from farms that use slave, indentured, or forced child labor.

3.) We only buy Fair Trade products once we've established a strong enough relationship with the farm to offset the negative impacts of the program (such as the cost to the farmer).

4) We aim to make direct partnerships with small farms and all products purchased support World Coffee Research, an organization that has a true and direct impact at the farm level. The Washington Post does a great job breaking down the importance of this organization here

world coffee research proud member

We're a proud member of World Coffee Research

World Coffee Research is an industry-driven collaborative research program that grows, protects, and enhances supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of farmers.

TBD Coffee Co, along with companies like Intelligentsia, Starbucks, Peet's, Illy, and more than 180 others support this organization and its impact on sustainable farming and ethically-sourced coffee.

The research we're investing in is used to create new coffee varieties and market opportunities for farmers. This is an essential precondition for them to achieve sustainable livelihoods.

WCR is the only organization in the world applying advanced agricultural science for coffee on a world-wide, collaborative basis. They enable the global coffee industry to invest in advanced agricultural R&D to transform the coffee sector and make coffee a vital source of global human progress in the 21st century.