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In March of 2020, the night before the world shut down from the COVID-19 pandemic, we (Zach and Ashley) met through a mutual friend. The connection was instant. Five months later; we were crazy about each other and crazy enough to start a coffee company together.

During a tough time, it gave us a creative outlet and…interesting…date nights. What couple doesn't love figuring out how to build a website on a Friday night? (Pro Tip: it pairs well with espresso martinis)

We started with our Per My Last Email Dark Roast then kept creating from there. Fast forward to the present and we're just tickled pink at how much we're loving this. The three of us bought a new home together so we could have a bigger kitchen for all our coffee-brewing and an office that our trio can work from. TBD Coffee Co has been the adventure of a lifetime.

Based in Los Angeles, California, we regularly release new themed bags. That's why we call it ‘TBD’, because future labels crafted from our life experiences are still ‘To Be Determined’. It doesn't hurt that it's also The Best Damn fresh roasted coffee you've ever had ;)

Ashley vasquez

Favorite thing to do while drinking coffee:

"I like to take my coffee with me while I wander around."

Ashley grew up in a small town in Illinois, working at her family’s bar.

After getting her Master's degree in Texas, she moved to Hollywood and has enjoyed a decade-long career in advertising.

In her spare time she enjoys aerial fitness and philosophical conversations with Marlee the dachshund.


Favorite thing to do while drinking coffee:

"I like to sip coffee at the start of an important day where I need the pep to write that life story."

Originally from Boulder, Colorado, Zach is a cinematographer in Los Angeles.

His hobbies include swimming, playing piano, and taking photos of his friends with his film camera. 

Marlee Marie

Favorite thing to do while drinking coffee:

"Who me? Oh, I don't drink coffee - but I like how it smells!"

Marlee, our Director of Consumer Affairs, is a hard-working, creative, emotionally intelligent, dynamic dachshund, full of grit and curiosity.

Her daring thirst for adventure is matched only by her dignified style. A true Hollywood socialite.

Persuasive and popular, she’s a natural-born leader who enjoys dedicating herself to success in both the workplace and within her community.

Hobbies include watching Adult Swim cartoons, gaming and eating cheetos.

"Honestly, they give me too much credit. I'm a humble secretary who just wants to make sure our customers are getting the best service possible. If you need ANYTHING, email me at"

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Our coffee is freshly roasted after you place your order.

We source directly from farmers, instead of through a mass importer service, so our farmers get a better deal and you get a higher quality bean. All of our coffee is sustainably grown, ethically sourced, small batch, vegan, gluten-free.